There were no tears like Roger Federer seven years before him, but this was a moment in history and the boy from Belgrade had become the first player to simultaneously hold all four grand slam titles since Rod Laver in 1969.

"I remember how difficult it was to arrive at that moment," Djokovic told CNN, reflecting on his 2016 triumph ahead of this year's tournament — which starts Sunday.

"The hours, commitment, and practice. Several years of not managing to make that final step. …

The former Foreign Secretary wrote in his weekly column for the Daily Telegraph newspaper in August that women who choose to wear the full-face veil resemble "letter boxes" and "bank robbers." He also branded the conservative Islamic dress "oppressive."

Johnson subsequently faced calls to apologize from angered Tories including party chairman Brandon Lewis, and his remarks triggered an investigation by an independent disciplinary panel.

"It is very clear that the language that Boris Johnson used to describe people's appearance has caused offense," Prime Minister Theresa May said in August in response to Johnson's comments. …

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So special is this club that 3,000 of its own supporters dipped into their pockets as part of a crowdfunding exercise, started in 2013, to help finance a new documentary based on one of Dortmund's founding fathers.

These Dortmund fans, along with sponsors, raised €250,000 ($265,000) in the process -- the biggest sum at the time ever raised for a film through crowdfunding in Germany.

"This fan-club relationship is a legacy from our fathers, who made it clear that we have to engage and we have to fight…

Mersey Marv

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